Congrats on getting placed through us!!!

We will be conveying your confirmation to the hospital and you are requested to complete the pre – joining formalities as advised by the hospital. Please note the below points too.
* Candidate has to clear the service charges(on applicable cases) in full before joining.
* Candidate is expected to complete the documentation process like getting NOC, Nursing Council Registration and other documents as suggested by the Hospital.
* Candidate is expected to report for joining as per the DOJ (Date of Joining) provided by the hospital and we cannot be held responsible if the candidate deviates from the given DOJ.
* Salary, Duty Hrs and Other facilities provided by the hospital has to be verified and confirmed by the candidate from the respective authorities or HR of the Hospital. Usually all these are explained by the HR during HR interview round but for any further clarification, you are always welcome to contact the Hospital HR directly.
* If the candidate is not satisfied with the employment and wishes to discontinue, it has to be done as per the guidelines of the Hospital and we provide a, one time, 3 month job replacement assistance from the date of your first joining. There will be no refund of the service charges after you join the hospital.
* Service charges paid are refundable only if the candidate is not able to join the hospital due to any medical issue which should be supported by sufficient evidence or doctor’s report or the hospital is not ready to accept the candidate even after issuing the offer letter.
* In case of refunds, there will be standard deduction of 18% GST and our documentation fee of Rs: 500/- from the service charge.
* All disputes are subjected to Kottayam Jurisdiction only.

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