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C-NEX Guidance  is an allied health recruitment and medical education consultancy company that operates with the primary aim to empower the healthcare sector to strengthen its capabilities and enhance its effectiveness and efficiencies. Our main objective is to help medical field enthusiasts find the most logical and compatible ways to connect with the healthcare industry to become a valuable part of it and make significant contributions to further its growth.

Our services are multifaceted in nature. On one hand, whereas, we are equipped with the resources and the talent to guide medical field enthusiasts through their journey of academic training in medical science or healthcare-related academic courses, on the other, we also help them find remunerative professional positions and secure suitable jobs that help their career progression.

We make both nursing job search and nursing job hiring easier for you. A perfect balance between experience, collaboration, and accountability allows us to stay true to our values and serve both the medical field aspirants and healthcare service provider organizations with absolute value, quality, and reliability. As an agency involved in serving people employed in the healthcare sector, we understand our responsibility and therefore take extra care to ensure the professional environments that we help build within healthcare facilities are productive and congenial.


Our recruitment specialists have years of extensive and valuable experience in HR management and staffing that enables them to identify high-quality and absolutely reliable allied health professionals utilizing international standard methodologies and international recruitment practices. We use a customized and flexible approach to work to ensure specific requirements of different clients are adequately met and each business and individual feels satisfied and content to associate with us. As a company determine to establish long-term relations with our clients, we offer 24×7 customer support. If you’re a healthcare service provider with nursing job openings, you can contact us to provide you with qualified and trained nurses.

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Our expert HR managers and management professionals ensure only competent and qualified people are selected to be presented with hospital recruitment opportunities who can utilize their skills, knowledge, and experience to make the healthcare sector more effective, efficient, sustainable, and accessible. In addition, we also take extra steps to make sure staff nurses who get jobs through us are treated fairly and receive adequate encouragement in the environment where they work and are provided regular professional development opportunities. As also an educational consultancy company, we help medical field aspirants find careers and courses in the medical field that align with their skills, interests, and objectives and colleges/universities that match their learning requirements and budget.

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Experienced Nurses Recruitment to JCI Accredited Hospital in Kerala

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Nursing Recruitment for Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore

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Nursing Freshers Recruitment for Apollo Hospitals, Chennai

Apollo Hospital, Chennai – 1000+ Bedded JCI , NABH accredited Super Speciality Hospital in Chennai are looking for Freshers/Experienced M Sc/B Sc/Post B Sc/GNM Nurses to all departments. Walk In …

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MAX Hospitals, Delhi –  MAX HEALTHCARE with mutiple NABH Accredited Multi Speciality Hospital, Patparganj in Delhi are looking for Freshers / Experienced Nurses M Sc/B Sc/ Post B Sc/ GNM …

Nursing Recruitment for Sakra World Hospital, Bangalore

Sakra World Hospital, Bangalore – 350+ bedded NABH accredited Hospital in Bangalore are looking for Minimum 1 year Experienced Nurses M Sc /B Sc / Post B Sc / GNM …

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We are determined to help those who wish to establish a career in nursing. The healthcare industry is one of the most challenging domains, that has immense responsibility on its shoulders. Billions of people worldwide depend on the competence, reliability, and effectiveness of Healthcare systems and service provider organizations. To ensure patients are provided with quality care, collaborative efforts are required. Even though doctors are considered to be the face of the healthcare industry, thanks to their role in diagnosing and treating various ailments, there are other healthcare professionals that also play crucial parts to make medical treatment regimes successful and effective.

The overall experience of a patient at a healthcare facility is defined by the competence of allied health professionals employed at that healthcare service provider center. Qualified, skill-rich, and dedicated allied health professionals or nurses play an indispensable role in the healthcare sector. It is therefore important that organizations are equipped with only the best of human resource capabilities. We, at C-Nex, specialize in providing staffing/recruitment services to hospitals, nursing homes, and other such healthcare service provider organizations.